Allow me to introduce myself.

This is me, enjoying a sunny afternoon in my hometown Paarl.

This is only my second blog so I thought Id introduce myself. My name is Gareth my friends call me G. I was born and raised in Paarl so to the city slickers I would be seen as a farm boy. Growing up in a small town, even though it didn’t feel that small to me, is not much different from growing up in a suburb in the big city. I went to school and got the same education that city kids got. Yes, pop culture crazes and trends took some time to reach us in an age before cell phones and the internet were readily available to youngsters like today. That time we still had to wait for one of our cousins from Cape Town to come visit or for us to go visit them during the holidays to be put on to what’s hot. Other than that our experiences growing up were quite similar. The only reason I went to the big city was to visit family or go to the big malls.

After school I was privileged to further my education and study at UWC. This is where I started noticing that there was a difference between myself and city people. The first thing that I noticed was that my home language was Afrikaans and most of them spoke English which was already a big status symbol. I need to mention that I never struggled with English. I spoke English fluently and I excelled at it in School. I grew passionate about language and literature at school and came to University to pursue it further so I majored in Afrikaans en Nederlandse Studies and English Literature.

Besides my love of language and literature I discovered something else at university and that is my passion for fashion. Growing up, I never had a lot of clothes. I had my school clothes that I wore 5 days a week and I had church clothes that was only worn to church on Sundays and then I had clothes I wore at home which wasn’t a lot. I had 3 or 4 t-shirts 2 or 3 pairs of shorts and maybe 1 or 2 pairs of pants that I could wear to go somewhere nice outside the house. When I started studying I didn’t have a style. I just had to make do with the clothes I had and up until that point there was nothing wrong with my clothes to me. I just didn’t have enough to make it through a 5 day week at university. I had to ask my mother to buy me clothes for campus. I bought clothes that I thought would be cool to wear to campus. I got name brands and logos written in loud bold prints across the chest, name brand sneakers because that’s what I saw other students wearing. None of the things fit my scrawny frame at the time. It was always a struggle finding a size XS t-shirt and a size 26 pants. It just wasn’t a good look. I deleted all the evidence from Facebook. If you search long and hard on one of my friends pages you might still find a pic or two. I’m a little vain, aren’t we all?

With time I figured out what I liked to wear and what looked good on me. I started becoming an individual instead of following the crowd and wearing what everyone else wore. I started taking pride in how I dressed because people started complimenting me. I was given the nickname “Mr. Markham” by some people because they thought I dressed like a Markham mannequin which is funny because at that time I didn’t even shop at Markham because my mother didn’t have a Foschini account. At first I didn’t know how to take the compliments because I’m quite introverted and shy. My confidence started growing and my style improved a lot! So you can say its fashion that brought me out of my shell. Like I said in my previous blog, when you look good you feel good and as a result of that you feel good about yourself you become more confident.

This blog combines these two passions namely writing and fashion. I will elaborate more on my experiments with fashion, style hits and misses (which I haven’t had much of). Things like style rules I live by, my fashion essentials and more interesting things. PLEASE come back and check it out. It’s gonna be lit. I will also try to focus on other things such as music and literature. Things that I find interesting and feel necessary to give my unique take on I will share here.

Come along on this journey and engage with me.

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