How to rock the latest trends.


To many guys fashion and style might seem like a very exclusive thing. I’ve heard it many times “I dOn’T hAvE sTyLe, I’m NoT iNtO fAsHiOn”. That’s weird to me because everyday you make style choices that are influenced by what fashion dictates. I guess what they mean to say is that they aren’t clued up on the latest trends or they might not know what’s cool right now but they don’t have the confidence to put it on. It could also be that when they do try out some trends they just don’t like the way it looks. The other side of the coin may be that they have all the newest and trendiest things but it just doesn’t work well when they wear it.

New trends are always a bit strange at first and you might be a bit apprehensive to try it out yourself. You will see the influencers wearing it and you’ll say to yourself nah that will never work on me. Then eventually you’ll start seeing it popping up everywhere on social media and you become more comfortable with it until it becomes the norm. By the time everyone is wearing the trend it’s no longer trendy and there’s something new. It’s quite difficult to keep up.

I used to be very scared to try out trends. I always thought I wasn’t cool enough and I was afraid Id look like a fool. I used to try to wear things that didn’t stand out too much. I tried to wear what I saw everybody else wearing and dress like the people around me but when I looked back at the photos I didn’t like the way it looked on me. The problem was that all trends don’t work for everyone. A good example at the moment is cropped pants. I really like the trend I think it looks super cool but it just doesn’t work on me. I’m just too short. Cropped pants in my size just looks like normal pants and that’s not the trend so I’m giving that one a skip although I really like it. Another thing I can’t pull off is the oversized trend. Again I’m too short and I’m skinny-fat so it just looks sloppy instead of cool on me. I swear tall people really won the style lottery. I’ve also been avoiding slides because I feel like they don’t suit my aesthetic even though I like how they look on other people. The dad sneaker is another trend that’s growing on me but I feel like I wont be able to pull off. Its chunky and they make your feet look big which doesn’t go well with my small frame.

So now you want to venture outside of your comfort zone and you’re wondering, what is the secret to rocking the latest trends and looking your best. Firstly and most importantly you need to like what you’re wearing. You cannot just follow a trend for the sake of looking cool. If you like what you’re wearing you’ll feel confident in it and confidence is always a good look. Secondly make sure your clothes fit. Haha, I know, its sounds like that should be a given but clothing that’s too big or too small is unflattering. Lastly I feel Nike says it best “Just do it”. That’s what I always do. It’s a risk but if you don’t try it you’ll never know.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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