Gareth’s Diary

I swear my life is a Bridget Jones movie… The most embarrassing things happen at the most unexpected times and in the most awkward places. This is precisely the reason why I feel that I must keep a clean slate with Karma because miss thing can’t wait to strike on me.

Here’s the scene, it’s 25 December 2018, Christmas morning. I’m dressed for church ready to leave the house and my mother tells me “our clothes are starting to fit tighter and tighter everyday hey” (note to self: Listen to your mother) I ignored her because I know I’ve gained weight and that all my clothes are sitting a bit snug. Its a sensitive subject for me.

I decided to wear a suit I bought about 6 months earlier and I only wore it once before but I love it because it has a floral print and it just felt festive and appropriate for Christmas day.

I may look confident but deep down I’m worried that someone might see my underwear.

I get to church and a few people compliment me on my suit and I’m feeling good. As the congregation sits down after singing the second hymn, I hear a rip and my heart sinks to the pit of my stomach. I’m having flashbacks as I’m typing this. It was my pants’ letting me know that I’m no longer a size 28. My pants tore all along the seam from the crotch almost all the way. Now I’m panicking thinking of every possible way to escape the situation without being literally exposed. I was flustered, feeling hot and cold at the same time building a light sweat like I had the flu or something.

I sneaked my hand underneath myself to feel how bad the damage was so that I can gauge whether I can hide it and if it will be visible or not. I shouldn’t have done that because at that point the panic was heightened. It was bad!!! It felt like my whole bum was exposed and in classic Bridget Jones fashion I was wearing underwear with a cherry on which would just add to my embarrassment. I really am the king of playing myself.

In that moment I was going through all the scenarios in my head and none of them lead to me not being embarrassed so I just gave up and let it be. When the sermon ended and It was time for communion I had to walk all the way to the front with my broken pants. I was stressed. I was walking to the front of the hall pulling my suit jacket down even leaning slightly back as I walked. It seemed as though no one else noticed.

When the service ended and everyone else was leaving my friend walks up to me and my first words were “We can’t leave now. My pants tore and everyone is going to see my cherries.” She burst out laughing and we sat there joking about my broken pants until most people had left the hall. If you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at, right? When we got up, she checked to see whether it was visible but assured me that she could not see it but I was still conscious about it.

That’s how I was quickly humbled and reminded that I’m not skinny anymore. Ever since then I’ve been extra careful when sitting down to avoid another incident. Some of my favourite items of clothing are just too small now and its absolutely heart breaking. I received a message straight from the top, on Christmas of all days that I need to stop being lazy and do something about my weight gain. Wish me luck!!!

Thanks for laughing with me.

My grown up Christmas list.

Walking through malls the past few weeks have been somewhat of a rude awakening. Its only October but there are Santa hats, reindeer and Christmas trimmings everywhere you turn. Seems like Christmas is coming sooner every year. Christmas is 2 months away but we’re already being manipulated to spend our money and buy gifts so I started thinking about what I would like to find under the tree this Christmas. Since I’m a little too old to sit on Santa’s lap I thought I’d make a list. Here goes…

Dear Santa,

I hope this letter finds you in time. I thought I’d take some of the guessing out of your hands and give you an idea of what to bring me for Christmas.

1. Sneakers
I have a couple that I really like but I can’t afford or I just can’t seem to find the right one in stores. I’m hoping Saint Nick will do me a solid. Mariah Carey sang it best, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS SHOOOOOOOEEESSS.

Yeezy 500

Nike VaporMax


ZX 500 RM Son Goku


One pair is enough I wouldn’t expect you to bring me all three.

2. Fragrance
My favourite perfume is almost finished Santa, and I need a new bottle so that would be highly appreciated.
Acqua di Gio


3. Tailored suit
I’ve gained some unfortunate weight over the past few months that I can’t seem to shake. Santa, if you’re there, I’d like a brand-new suit or a summer body PLEASE!!


4. Cellphone
Samsung Note 9
Now Santa, I don’t even think I need to motivate why I deserve this.


5. Gift card
So, Santa if you’re not sure what to get me because I’ve been such a good boy this year, I won’t be disappointed if you just leave me a gift card under the tree. I’ll know what to get myself and I would appreciate it just as much.

I would add my Superbalist wishlist but I don’t want to break tradition.

I hope this list made it somewhat easier for you.



Spring jumped out.

Its September and to many of us that means SPRING!!! Although its not officially Spring until the 23rd of September. With the change in the season comes a change in weather and with that our habits change. For the last couple of months we’ve stayed indoors and when we’re forced to leave the house we do so hurriedly because we want to get out of the cold and rain. We do our best to protect ourselves from the elements so we pile on the layers. With Spring on its way we can finally peel back a few of those layers and emerge from the cosy cocoons we’ve been wrapped up in. Temperatures are not that high so we cannot pull out the shorts just yet. With Cape Town’s weather you cant even really pack away your rain jackets yet and this Winter seems to be a stubborn one. But we can start dressing a little lighter. Now when it comes to spring we think bright colours and floral prints because we just got out of the gloomy winter. Im not someone that goes for bright colours usually but im not shy to wear a floral print.

Spring 3

I’m not even shy to read myself

This is what Ill be wearing this Spring…

Spring 1

It may be a bit warmer in Spring but we all know it can still get quite cold and the weather can change at anytime during the day, so I believe in carrying a jacket or a jersey with me whenever I leave the house. Its also not warm enough for shorts or flip flops and a plain white T just says Spring is here!

Spring 2.jpg

Night time is always a bit cooler than the day time so if I’m going out at night Id swop out the cardigan for a bomber jacket (told you I’m not shy). I’ve also packed away the boots and pulled out a pair of comfortable sneakers to complement the look.

Springs is on its way so let go of all the Winter stress. Lets dress to impress!

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Thanks for reading me.


Everyone that knows me, knows that I love fashion. Not so much fashion but clothes. I like to look good and receive compliments. Is that bad? For me getting dressed is quite the chore because everything down to the socks needs to be just right for me to be happy. I am my own worst critic.

I said I love looking good and to me that starts with a concept that I have in my head focused on either a specific colour, accessory or item of clothing that inspires me for that day. This might sound easy but it’s really not because there is a lot to take into consideration like what is the setting, dress code or the weather where I’m going. As a teacher I had to consider what I would be doing in class the next day. When I say “I have nothing to wear” I don’t mean I don’t have clothes it simply means that I cannot decide what to wear for that day or occasion. I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point.

I’m standing in front of my closet and I have picked out a specific shirt I want to wear, I just need to decide on pants and shoes. Sounds simple right? So now I’m looking for the right pair of pants and I cannot seem to find the pants that I want to wear that would make this look a winner. Now I hate every pair of pants that I own because I have to settle for mediocrity and I have to compromise on the perfect wash or fit of the jeans that would have made this look a standout. After going back and forth and having a mini breakdown over pants, I have finally picked a pair that will do. Then I need to decide which shoes I want to wear. I cannot wear the shoes I wanted to wear originally because they don’t go well with the pants I just chose. After settling on a pair of shoes my whole outfit has changed I now need to pick socks. I can only find the one sock of the pair I want to wear and I’m searching and searching and there’s socks everywhere. Eventually after turning my whole room into a ball of socks, with great relief I find the other sock but now I can’t seem to find the sock I had before I started searching. Then I give up and decide to wear another shirt and the process starts all over again. I envy those guys that can just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and be out the door without giving it much thought.

There’s just something about clothing that can change your whole mood. It gives you extra confidence and every time someone smiles at you or gives you that second look and checks you out from head to toe it just makes you feel great no matter how your day is going. When I say I have nothing to wear, I really mean that there’s nothing in my wardrobe that will make me feel good or confident on that day. As the old saying goes, when you look good you feel good.

Keep the good vibes going!